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But the forums told me WoW is dead

As WoW wanders into the lonely twilight, a few dedicated players remain in a once proud world. Vast swathes of the former empire have left for pastures new and … hold on a second!

(Just for the record this isn’t a post about how i think WoW has slipped, that’ll come sometime in the future, maybe, possibly)

If you browse any World of Warcraft dedicated forum you will see posts about “How WoW is dying”, “The latest expansion killed WoW”, “Your kitten’s pet hamster’s goldfish ate my letter “Q””.

And for me, WoW has died slightly. For me, Cataclysm has made WoW a little less interesting. For me, I believe the heroic dungeons are too long, that Blizzard shouldn’t had confused long with hard at the start of the expansion (before the ner…ahem..”balances”). But have you noticed the phrase I’m using? Those two words that people tend to forget to put at the start of a “wow is dying” rant? That’s right, the words “For me”.

On the forums people have a tendency to state their opinion as fact, to state their opinion as the only truth, to believe in what they say is gospel and no other opinion is right.  Even if WoW lost a million or two subscribers they’d still be the No.1 MMO by a long shot. With the amount of people who are dissatisfied with Cataclysm (myself included), there is probably an equal or greater population who are very happy with this expansion.

‘There is a difference between “This game is dying because it’s dying” and “this game is dying because I’m unhappy with it”. The fact of the matter is if someone is enjoying something they’ll see the mainly good points, when you get bored with something you’ve been doing for years then you do notice the little gripes, the little flaws, rightly or wrongly.

Finally for me, if I were to read the WoW EU forums and see two topics, one saying “WoW is dying!!!” and the other saying “For me, WoW is dying”, I’d think the first one is going to be full of hyperbole and opinionated facts which make you think “oh no, here we go”, while the second topic will probably have the same opinions but worded in a way where you think “well even though I disagree with what the user is saying, I can see why they would believe that, i wish him them well.”

Personal unhappiness does not equate to the fall of a MMO


2 responses

  1. It’s amazing what two little words can do, isn’t it?

    For me, Cataclysm has been harder to get into. I’m not going to say WoW is dead or that everything sucks, but I have noticed I have been suffering from a case of WoW ennui lately. There’s always an adjustment period with expansions, though, and I’ve been trying to renew my interest by exploring other aspects of the game that I haven’t really given much time to. For example, I’ve been trying my hand at pvp and battlegrounds.

    April 7, 2011 at 03:45

  2. For me, it I think I went all out to do way too much early on. Got my 6 alts to 85 while raiding and doing heroics. Then got a bit bored, now exploring rep rewards and levelling a few classes I have never tried before. Couple of weeks of slowing down has sorted it for me and I am happy again 🙂

    The other favourite forum post is ‘I am quitting WoW because…….’ and I am unsure why the posters think we are interested?

    April 7, 2011 at 11:23

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