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3 Issues Affecting WoW Dungeoning Right Now

After Blizzard dropped the hugely controversial “Call to Arms” bombshell on the world of Azeroth, I can’t help but think they by doing this are hiding away from the real issues. As always I know some of you will not agree with what I will say and as always these are just my opinions. 🙂

Making healing and tanking more “fun and challenging”

On paper this seems like a good idea, and whilst I enjoy healing on my priest alt I have noticed players who used to heal, now sticking to purely dps specs, and i can imagine the same could be the said for the tanking role. Now whilst I personally do find it more engaging now then in Wrath, this change has led to an even higher dps per tank/healer ratio then before.

It’s interesting to remember that before Cataclysm came out, Blizzard said that a longer queue time for DPS was an acceptable trade-off for this.

Longer Doesn’t Mean Harder

Blizzard seemed to have had the impression that to make a dungeon harder it also had to be longer then it’s predecessors in Wrath. This to me was mistake. If they kept dungeons to Wrath size but with TBC difficulty then I don’t think we would’ve seen the drop in interest in dungeons across all 3 roles. It may not seem that way for DPS because a few dps not signing up wont have the same impact as a Tank or Healer not signing up.

The Point Cap

This is one that could be a factor but I’m not sure, but throwing it out there. In TBC and Wrath you could still gather Badges/Emblems no matter how many you had. In Cataclysm one you get to 4000 Justice Points you have to either spend them you or don’t get anymore. Once you get all the gear from the JP vendor then all you can buy is profession mats that you can gather in 10-15 minutes. In 4.1 they will be introducing a Justice Point to Honor Point exchange, but not everyone will be interested in this. I personally think they need to either a)Make the cap higher, b) lower the cost of items + lower amount of points awarded which in turn will make it longer to reach the cap, c) Remove the cap altogether.

The dungeon issue will not be resolved overnight, but some of the decisions taken for Cataclysm has certainly made the queue’s longer.


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