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Should WoW try PvP Contribution Points?

Blizzard have acknowledged albeit in a round about way, that Rated Battlegrounds haven’t caught the imagination of battleground players the way they had hoped. Here I propose a system that would remove rated battlegrounds and rewards players another way, contribution points.

I highly accept that there will be quite a few people who disagree with what I’m about to propose. It struck me when I was writing my previous post about my disconnection with Cataclysm. Stealing a page out of Rift’s book, why not a contribution system for PvP?

There will need to be slight adjustments for each battleground but this is the general jist of the idea. Basically you receive points for the amount of work you do in a battleground, whether that’s doing an objective or killing the opposition or healing your allies (protection in place to prevent pure honour kill farming later on), you will be rewarded for contributing in a battleground. To prevent people from just jumping in one spot on the other end of the map, or from following the action and not actually doing anything, the system will only reward you when you are actually doing something.

The amount of contribution points a player would get would be based on their personal contribution & the team objectives that have been completed.

Honour points would still remain, but would be significantly more easier to tally them up and get the lower tier pvp items, where as Contribution points would net you the next gear up.

So how would this work in particular battlegrounds and how would you prevent abuses of this system you may ask. Well I propose the following for each battleground.

Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks

These two battlegrounds are your basic capture the flag fights. Warsong Gulch is the original and arguably the best out of the two, but that’s not the point of this post 🙂

As you all know to win in Warsong Gulch you have to capture the flag three times, be in the lead when the 25 minutes is up or have been the last team to level the scoring. Right so with that information I propose that a player get the contribution points as stated above by honour kills/damage/healing/objectives,  but what would there be to stop the two factions from just meeting in the middle and just smashing each other in the face for 25 minutes?

Well the answer to that is to alter how much of the contribution points you get depending on how many flags have been captured. For example if your team only captures one flag then that’s 25% of the contribution points you will receive. Two flags will net you 50% contribution points and three flag will net you the 100% of the points. Why not 33%, 66% and 100%? Well I think that by having a 50%-100% leap it would encourage players to go for that third flag, maybe leaving their defences open for the other team to get in a capture the flag, so I personally think it would encourage more attacking gameplay. Also if your team is 2-0 down and you leave, you get zero contribution points.

The other issue is, say both sides have the flag and one drops it. What’s to stop the other flag carrier from not caring about the rest of their team and just hording the flag for the contribution points? This could be solved by a debuff, which if after 30 seconds or so, the flag hasn’t been scored OR the flag carrier has entered combat then they will stop receiving contribution points for carrying the flag, forcing them to take action.

Arathi Basin

The aim of Arathi Basin is to capture bases and be the first side to score 1600 points. This one is probably easier than Warsong Gulch to work out how to do the contribution points percentage, there are 5 bases, so 20% each base right? Well I kind of like the idea of promoting aggressive play style, so how about …

1 Base at end of battleground = 15% CP

2 Base at end of battleground = 30% CP

3 Base at end of battleground = 45% CP

4 Base at end of battleground = 80% CP

5 Base at end of battleground = 100% CP

This would again promote aggressive play, so that instead of sitting on a 3-2 base lead, they will be inclined to go after the 4th and 5th base, maybe in turn will give the opposition a chance to sneak behind and recapture a base themselves.

Alterac Valley

This is the only battleground where I have struggled to think of a way to change the contribution point percentage without giving 100% for killing the end boss (whichever one that may be for your faction).

Perhaps you get 80% for killing the end boss, and as each faction has 4 towers to start with you get an extra 5% for each tower you have taken hold of, so it’d go 80%-85%-90%-95%-100%. Maybe 80% would still promote full zerg play, so lower the boss kill to 60% and up each tower to 10% so it’s 60%-70%-80%-90%-100%.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm was introduced at the start of The Burning Crusade, and is a mix between Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch, there are 4 bases that you need to capture and it’s the first to 1600 points wins, you can speed your factions point tally along by capturing the flag that starts in the middle of the battleground.

For this, I think 20% per base would work. But wait I hear you say, that only covers 80% of the contribution points a player could get, and you’d be correct. Your team would get an extra 5% for each flag you capture up to a maximum of 4 flags. This should prevent the flag from being ignored and those people who want a 100% of the contribution could be inclined to go after the flag thus theoretically leaving a base open for attack.

Strand of the Ancients

This along with Isle of Conquest is what I’d call the “Marmite battlegrounds”, either you love them or you hate them, there doesn’t seem to be an in-between. The aim when you’re attacking is to get to the relic at the top of map, when you’re defending obviously the aim is to stop them. When the first team has captured the relic (or the time is up), then the roles reverse. The second attacking team then has to try to capture the relic quicker then the first team managed too. Oh and did i manage you have to get there by destroying walls with siege engines? No? Well I did now.

So I’d say 70% for capturing the relic, and 10% for each level of walls you break through (as there are 3 walls before the relic chamber). However, one spanner to this plan is “well the first team captured the relic, but then second team captured it but faster, so they both get 100% contribution?”. This may sound good on paper, but knowing the WoW playing psyche, both sides will just let the other side capture the relic. There needs to be some disincentive to prevent that. And i propose for the losing side, the 70% contribution points for collecting the relic gets halved to 35%. This should convince players to pay attention to defending when it’s their turn and to attack with vigour when the time calls for it.

Isle of Conquest

The second battleground that was released during Wrath of the Lich King, and it’s meant to be a cross between Arathi Basin, and Alterac Valley. There are bases that can be captured to help your team in its final goal of capturing the oppositions keep and killing the boss inside it.

So in this battleground, there’s the boss and 5 points to capture (if you include the keep). So let’s say 75% for a boss kill, and 5% for each point captured (by killing the boss it’ll automatically be 80% as you will have captured the keep).

Battle for Gilnaes

This is Cataclysm’s version of Arathi Basin, but this time with only 3 bases to capture. So using the model for Warsong Gulch flag captures if we say 25% of the contribution points if one base is in your control at the end, 50% for two bases, and 100% for 3 bases. Again the leap from 50% to 100% is to encourage attacking play to get the third base, which in turn could open up one of the other two bases for attack.

Final Thoughts

To stop people from getting confused, i.e. “My scoreboard said i should get 100 contribution points but i only got 25% of them”, then the scoreboard would have to reflect in real-time exactly how many points you do currently have when the certain factors are taken in.

I never expect Blizzard to put something like this in place, as it would take a lot of work in the background to implement, but I do think it’s a method that would make things very interesting in battlegrounds.


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