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The History of Guillin – Part I

To some he’s a very competent to mage, to others he’s someone who speaks his mind way too much, to most people he’s just another character in World of Warcraft, but for me Guillin has always been my main character, ever since I created him in 2006. This is his history. I’ll probably split this up into parts, to keep them short and sweet. Can’t promise they wont be boring, but never mind that! 🙂


So it was April 2005, and at work we had started to sell a certain game. I had never heard of it but was interested in trying out what they call an MMORPG. This particular game was sitting pretty at the top of our PC chart, and it looked quite interesting from the blurb on the back. So I took a leap of faith and purchased it. I wasn’t to know that 6 years later I’d be sitting here still talking about it. That game is the behemoth that is known as World of Warcraft.

The night I purchased it, I got home, put on some Jack Johnson and opened my box. I looked inside and thought “four discs? I’ll install this after I make my account”, so I opened my browser, directed it to the World of Warcraft Europe website and created my account. Then I start to install the game. Yeah in hindsight, it would’ve made more sense for me to install the game whilst I set up my account, but I wasn’t to know that it was going to install longer then it would take to solo burn down a Holy Paladin.

Human Paladin, my first ever character

When it finally installed, I opened the game, logged in. And had a whopping 10 or so servers to choose from. So I chose Silvermoon (remember I’m in the UK so all of these servers will be EU). Next was to select my character, this I chose a human paladin. Why human? Well because I was familiar with that race (obviously). Why paladin? Well I liked the mace he was holding on the character select screen. I entered the realm and immediately thought “you know, this is quite an attractive looking world, now what the hell do I do?” I finally figured out how to do quests, so spent the last couple of hours of that night just slowly completing them. I got the Paladin to level 5 before I deleted him. Even that early there was something about the class that didn’t feel right, it just didn’t grab me.

The next day, still on Silvermoon I created a mage to try them out, that was a lot of fun! I didn’t get him very far again (level 5-6 or something like that), before I jumped ship to try a PvP server, but still I thought “There’s something with this class, I like it!” The problem that would plague me for the next 17 months was that I was one of those players who would jump to another server whenever it opened, so I never got a character past level 36. My most notable characters was a 36 mage on Haumarush PvP (yes with a “u”, that was changed to Haomarush after a while), a 34 druid on Ahn’Qiraj (PvP), 36 druid on Quel’thalas (PvE) and a 30 warlock on Lightbringer (PvE).

Why did I constantly jump to a new server? I liked the new server feel. There was nothing better to me at that time then starting a fresh with different people, from joining a battleground (which back then was only on your server) at level 10, and the highest player would be level 12, and wow was it fun! Getting to the battleground was a little annoying to start with, as you couldn’t just queue like you can now. For horde you had to travel all the way up to the Northern tip of the Barrens and join the queue there. I remember the day that Warsong Gulch first launch. The massive lag in the Barrens and Ashenvale as the Horde and the Alliance both sat there waiting to get a taste of this new feature. But I digress.

The other thing I did was to spend the first 6-8 months of my WoW time on PvP servers. I know I said early that my first two characters were on Silvermoon (PvE), but they only lasted 2 nights. From then on, I was only on PvP servers. I spent the most time on Frostwhisper and finished my PvP server “career” on Ahn’Qiraj. When the next batch of new servers opened I decided to try out a PvE server. And this suited me perfectly. It wasn’t so much the ganking on PvP servers that bothered me, but I found that at the time, the general attitude of players on PvE servers were more mature than on PvP servers (nowadays there’s no difference).

The best time I spent on a server pre-guillin. Was on Quel’thalas (PvE). I had a great time, even to this day it was the friendliest server I had ever been on. My Tauren Druid was haven’t a great time grinding in Badlands (spent 3 nights just trying to grind the damn whelp pet). It was also during my time on this server that Blizzard probably made their first major mistake, but i’ll come to that in a minute. My fondest memory is the entire guild, travelling to Gadgetstan and then running (i was only in my 30’s so no mount), to the Steamwheedle Cartel where we’d hop onto vent and have our own fishing contest. That might sound boring but the banter was fantastic, and was truly a great night.

So what was this massive error of judgement that Blizzard made? Oh yes! Whilst I was on that server someone at Blizzard thought “Ah i know what we can do. Let’s make the LookingForGroup chat channel global.” Massive mistake. For those who don’t know, back then there was no Looking For Group UI at all. All there had been was this one chat channel that was normally only available for you to see if you were in one of the 3 capitals (Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus for Alliance and Thunderbluff, Orgrimmar and Undercity for Horde).  So how bad did it get? Imagine the spam that used to happen on trade when everyone with an IQ smaller than your local toilet brush thought Dirge spam was funny, and multiply it by 1000. It didn’t take Blizzard long at all to reverse that decision.

My next main character after the druid on Quel’thalas, was to make an Orc Warlock on the new server Lightbringer (PvE). It wasn’t bad, but again the warlock class didn’t click with me. Still I got him to level 30 and then Darkspear (PvE) opened. This was to be my home for the next 4 years. And have my happiest, and saddest memories, in the game, in any game, to date.

Coming up next – The History of Guillin – Part II – The 1-60 Journey.


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