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The History of Guillin – Part II

In yesterdays segment I covered my WoW playing days prior to the creation of Guillin, today I write about his journey from a level 1 baby (well if you can have undead babies). Today I recall my memories as I levelled him from 1-60.

So the day before Darkspear launched I had decided that I was going to re-roll yet again, but this time I was convinced to make this character stick. I had already decided to roll an Undead Mage, but what to call him. Previously I had gone with the name “Kaminas” but I decided I wanted a brand new name for me. Now this is probably one of the strangest ways you have heard anyone mention how they chose a name, but I was watching “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (if you haven’t seen it, stop face-rolling with your DK, and go watch it, now!), and decided I wanted a French sounding name. I came up with Guin but thought “nah that sucks”, so after a play around, I came up with Guillin (which is the handle I tend to use everywhere now, and even to this day I am the only max level Guillin on WoW EU).

The day after, the server launched and I logged in. The undead mage was chosen because at that time I was purely horde, and I challenge anyone, even to this day to find a race that has a better casting animation. So started in Deathknell and did the usual quests (wont bore you with the questing in itself and you’ve all been there pre-Cataclysm). I saw a guild advertisement on the general channel from a guild called Serenity and thought “hmm why not”. Nowadays I’d do some research about where to go, but at that point I just wanted a guild. I sent them I whisper and 2 minutes later I was a member of Serenity.

Levelling went as you’d expect from a vanilla experience (I enjoyed it), and unlike most mages I levelled as fire. I chose talents such as “Impact” which back than had a random chance of stunning your target with your fireball. I was definitely squishy but it was fun. For professions I picked up Herbalism and Tailoring and these I stuck with until day of the burning crusade, but we are getting way ahead of ourselves. What I enjoyed to do was to level to x7 of a level (17, 27, 37), and then to PvP to the next bracket (20,30,40). Back then you would get these “commendations” that you could turn in for xp every time you acquired 3. You’d get 1 commendation for a loss, so even if you got thrashed 3-0, 3 times in a row, you’d still get xp, just at a much slower pace then the team what won 3-0, 3 times in a row.

PvPing in battlegrounds that were per server was fantastic, you’d know your opponents after a while. The best memory I had of that was that we were 2-0 down, and down to half the players, i went into our flag room and before I knew it the flag carrier was half way up the map. With no way of catching him I just sat down in the flag room, when 2 alliance came. Instead of killing me, they /waved, and sat there in front of me. We spent the next 2 minutes just /hi /laugh /hug. I know that’ll sound carebarish to quite a few people, but because we had fought each other on numerous occasions, there was a certain respect for each other. We knew which way the fight was going to end, and had no reason to be a douche to each other (a spirit that was lost with cross realm battlegrounds)

Best moment whilst levelling up? There was a brief moment when it looked like Serenity was going to fall apart, so I joined a guild called “Independent”. At level 24, 3 of us decided to go to the arena in Stranglethorn Vale. The plan? Protect the guild master from attacks whilst he looted the chest. The outcome? Dead guild master and us two dancing on him. The reply on guild chat. GM – “I just owned Guillin and Ghoul” … I think the following shows otherwise.

That must have hurt!

My brief flirt with Independent ended quickly as the GM said “I’m going to go back to my old game, bye”, to which I rejoined Serenity. At level 28, i was questing in Thousand Needles when I saw an Orc hunter with a boar named … well boar … alarm bells started ringing, so for the sake of it, I whispered “Ni Hao”. No idea what was said next πŸ˜€

Guillin – Ni Hao

Hux – Ni Hao

Hux – Ni ye shi zhong guo de ne ?

I reached level 40 whilst I was questing in Arathi Highlands doing the Stormgarde quests. I was so excited. Had been playing WoW for 18 months or so, and have never had a mount, but wait, I was about 10 gold short. What do i do? Whilst most people carried on until they had reached the 10 gold (which took them to level 42-43), I decided to go do something I spotted earlier. There was a quest in Desolace where you had to collect 5 shrimps, and when you handed it in you got 55 silver. The good thing about this quest was that it was repeatable. So I did that until I got the money I needed.

Travelling the world on this 60% mount was fantastic for me, I had never travelled through Azeroth so fast. Levelling continued smoothly until I hit level 50, and I decided to go to the Western Plaguelands. I must have stayed on the first field for 2 levels just grinding the scourge mobs that spawned there. They spawned fast and there was a lot of them. On one the nights I got a whisper from a guild mate “would you like a hand”, me being the typical me I turned around and said “no it’s ok I’m fine”, but he came anyway. He attacked the next target I was about to kill and some BoE plate epic gloves dropped. Well was I pissed with him. If that happened nowadays I’d be like “ah well, whatever”, but back then I let the poor bugger have it.

But my biggest memory is at level 54 there I was happily questing when a thunderstorm hit my town. I thought “ah wont cause any damage”, but there was a lightning strike nearby, which somehow, fried my network card on my computer. The rest of my computer and all the other electrics (including the router) were perfectly fine, but my network card was fried deeper then a mars bar in Scotland. Luckily I only had to wait 3 days for a new card as my cousin had a spare, so I was back in the game in no time, but now, whenever there is a thunderstorm, you wont find me online πŸ™‚

I continued to quest, hitting 55 and instead of going to the Eastern Plaguelands I took the journey down to Silithus. I was so pleased when I killed my first level 60 mob. It was such an accomplishment for me! And then of course I reached the magical level 60. After 18-20 months of playing this game, I finally had my first max level character. Guillin the mage had reached level 60.

It took me around 6 weeks to get from 1 to level 60, during which I leant that Scorch isn’t a very good nuke when Fireball is in my arsenal (obviously it’s a bit different now), and that having to wait 1 minute for your Pyroblast to be off cooldown, well, it sucked!

The experience at level 60 was amazing to me, only the level 70 experience eclipsed that for me, but the next in the series will be my experiences as a level 60 and a raiding newbie.


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