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The Future of Guillin’s Ramblings

It’s been two weeks since I started to write this blog, so I thought I would discuss what I would like to do in the future.

I must say when I started this two weeks ago, I was expecting to do what I always seem to do when I have an idea. I’d do it for 2-3 days then think “ah sod it”, but I must admit after 14 posts, I’m quite enjoying it. It’s quite easy to start writing and get lost in the flow. I’m still a novice, but I’m hoping over time that my writing will improve over time.

Now while this blog will appear to have a World of Warcraft centrist feel, it is in a fact a blog to cover anything that I’m interesting in at that moment in time, so aswell as WoW you will find occasional blogs about anything from other games, to tv shows, to films and even current events.

Tonight I will take a break from the regular posts and write a short post about what I’m thinking about including into this blog as I go along…

Already Implemented

 Well I’ve established daily posts on the blog, including the first 3 sections of the History of Guillin and have inserted some major achievements from Order of the Silver Dawn. Whilst this site will not be used as a promotional vehicle for OSD, it is the guild I’m in, so from time to time there will be points of interest inserted.

In The Pipeline

  • Round the Blogosphere in 7 DaysA weekly roundup from various blogs. A brief summary with a link to the fantastic writings on the interweb.
  • Q to the Blog (Guild Master Edition)Where I ask a guild master a small set of questions about their guild (nothing too pressing, just light reading).

Further In The Pipeline

  • Q to the Blog (MMO Player Edition) Where I ask a MMO player about their gaming interests.
  • Q to the Blog (Blogger Edition) – Where I ask a writer about their blog.
  • Focus on Art Have a new drawing/comic? I’ll be happy to post your latest piece and direct to your site.
  • Guild Promotion – Thinking about maybe, once a week , doing a tiny piece about a guild from any of the MMO’s (doesn’t have to be World of Warcraft)

Far in the Future

  • Own Website – With my knowledge of website designing basically … well … rubbish, it’ll take some time, but what I would like to do eventually is move this blog to its own dedicated website.

Well these are the sort of things I would like to implement on this blog, I want to do more than just write posts and hoping the topics mentioned above will add a bit of variety. Considering I have a full-time job, am I over-reaching? Time will tell, but at the moment I’m excited to give myself this challenge, it’s a great opportunity.

Tomorrow “The History of Guillin” will be returning tomorrow. 61-70 levelling and 70 raiding. The pinnacle of WoW in my opinion.


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