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The History of Guillin – Part IV

So Guillin has successful reached level 60 and had a semi successful, if not short raiding career before The Burning Crusade. Tonight I tell the history of him as he reached level 70 and raiding the new content of the time.

The First World of Warcraft Expansion.

With Diesel having disbanded shortly before TBC hit, I decided the best option would be to level guildless and then measure up my options. So I hit Hellfire, well hitting Hellfire is probably not the right word, more like running through the dark portal and trying to find something to kill. As soon as I got my first quest it was pretty obvious to me that levelling up as fire in TBC era wouldn’t be as effect as it was in Vanilla, so I decided to speak frost. It was with this spec that I levelled up to 70.

ย One thing I should mention is that also when TBC hit, I levelled the new Jewelcrafting profession having gathered the mats needed to get from 1-300. This was probably to be the best decision I have made as even to this day I’ve still got it. It’s lost a lot of its gusto in recent years as more and more people jump on the bandwagon, but I can still take solace in the fact that I rerolled the profession the first day it went live.

Anyway back to the mage and his levelling. As it was obvious that Hellfire was one cramped zone, it also became obvious that I needed to get ahead of the general levelling curve. I would never be one of the first to max level as I value sleep too much and have a full-time job, but I knew if I could even get half a level above the majority of players then the levelling experience wouldn’t be as painful. This I managed and dinged level 70 whilst in Netherstorm.

So at level 70 my first job was to get Jewelcrafting up to 375, and then to get my flyer. These two goals I reached and whilst questing in Shadowmoon I got a whisper from a druid named Starlyte. We got to talking and found out that she was living in the same town as me, and not only that but 8 other people were there from the same town. I told her “thanks for the offer but I want to have a look around before I decide”, well the next day I received a whisper from a mage called Sambora. He was from the same guild as Starlyte and after this I decided “you know what, let’s give you guys a go”, and so I joined Hysteria.

The thing that hit me first was the friendliness in the guild, the atmosphere was always jolly and there seemed to always be a joke going on. Recruitment was strong as we grinded out the normals to get the reputation so we could hit revered. Once we hit revered we were able to hit the heroics, once those were done, it was off to mighty old Karazhan.

Karazhan was in my opinion the greatest raid instance that Blizzard has ever created. I know most will say Ulduar, but for me, for the enjoyment, for the environment, for the boss fights, even the trash, Karazhan was a huge success. We shot past the first two bosses and then drama hit. The guild master went on holiday for 2 weeks and during this time the other officers didn’t pull their weight. No raids were scheduled and the atmosphere started to turn sour. With a souring atmosphere some left for pastures new whilst others didn’t bother logging in. It got to a stage where the guild had dropped from 15 online at peak time, to just 4.

With this, I decided I liked the guild too much to watch it collapse. I contacted a fellow member Nocturna and said would he be willing to raid lead with me. It was the first time ever raid led but it were both agreed that we weren’t going to let the guild fall apart. That night we started to schedule raids and within a few days interest started to perk up again, we progressed further through the raid and when the guild master returned he immediately promoted us to officer rank. This allowed us to go on a recruitment drive, and in no time at all, the guild was stronger than it was before. It took us another 2 months before we had finally cleared Karazhan but my word it was fun. The Opera Event was so amazingly done, and I think everyone remembers Shade of Aran.

In that fight one of the main things is “YOU DO NOT MOVE DURING FLAME WREATH!”. Yeah we spent 4 days straight wiping on that guy. The warlock kept saying “this is pointless, why are we bothering, people should know what to do”. Well she kept on saying that until I showed her log “er, you’re the one has wiped us all night”.ย  For our first few days of attempts on this fight we couldn’t stop him from pyroblasting the raid (which he does at 20% mana), and from summoning the elementals (at 40% health), this basically guaranteed wipe after wipe after wipe. It was then that I came up with an idea. Lets him polymorph us! If we see his mana is reaching the trigger point at the same stage as his health, then we need to stop dps, let him do his things and then carry on. This was widely scoffed at in the guild, but we tried it anyway .. 6% wipe. The closest we had ever been. The next attempt? “You have killed The Shade of Aran”. He was our biggest stumbling block and after he went down, the rest of the instance quickly followed.

The joy of killing Nightbane (we had him as the last boss), was quickly overshadowed as the pressure of trying to convert what was a primarily a 10 man raiding guild into a 25 man raiding guild took its toll. The guild master, after having an argument with a trialist paladin, went AWOL for the next few weeks and upon his return he announced that he had decided to disband the guild. We tried to talk him out of it, to let one of us take over, as this was a good guild with generally a great atmosphere, but he didn’t want to. That night he disbanded the guild.

Even to this day it was the best guild I had ever been in. Even though it had its down moments, on the whole the guild was amazing. Funniest moment? Well there was two.

1) As a rule I’m not an arena player. I hate them. In TBC there were given way too much of a priority. Anyway for the sake of it, I had decided to go into them one night. So myself (Fire Mage), and Starlyte (Resto Druid) joined up for a 2vs2, and low and behold we came up against two of the best geared players on the server, Joddy (Holy Paladin) and Tolbuchkin (A Rogue). They made one fatal mistake. They went after the resto druid and left me, a fire mage on my own. Now I don’t need to tell anyone who played during TBC just how powerful resto druids were at the time. Figuring this to be the case, they thought if they could take out the resto druid then they could take the fire mage down in a few seconds. Just a few problems with this. If you let a fire mage stand still and cast his spells, it’s going to hurt, a lot! And it did ๐Ÿ™‚

Fire mage + Free spamming = Dead enemies

2) It’s a Friday night, everyone has had a bit to drink and in the raid somehow the conversation got onto snowballing (not the white snowy stuff), and for a joke someone in raid decided to ask one of our warlocks what “snowballing” was. Well instead of replying in raid chat, she went and replied in guild chat. Queue a lot of “wtf?”. It was absolutely hilarious.

Unfortunately moments like this couldn’t save the guild in the long run and so after the guild was disbanded I once again found myself guildless, but only for a few hours …

I’ve split up The Burning Crusade era into two separate posts to save you from falling asleep (plus i’m already at 1400 words). Tomorrow will see me chronicle my assault through Gruul, SSC, TK, BT and MH (oh with a venture into ZA), all in another amazing guild.


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