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The History of Guillin – The Finale

Guillin has travelled from a complete nooblet at the start to someone who has thrown fireballs … okay arcane blasts into the face of Illidan. Now he travels to the frozen lands of Northrend.

The Lich King

With joining Virtus Mortis I had once again stepped into the unknown. Whilst I did a little bit of research into what is what, I obviously didn’t know the mentality of the players or officer. I had played with a few of them from time to time, but only in the briefest of periods, but here at the beginning of Wrath, I had joined them and for the moment there was no turning back.

Having learnt from levelling through Outland, I switched Guillin back to a frost spec whilst I levelled from 70-80. The first thing that was easily noticeable was that quests that required 2 or 3 people could easily be solo’d. This was the first sign of how things were going to be this expansion. I soon got to level 80, switched to the new Frostfire build and started the heroics. “Heroics”, such a loose term in Wrath. Even back in the day when you didn’t have much gear, you could still get through a dungeon without even struggling. Very shortly the assault of Naxxramas 2.0 and Obsidian Sanctum commenced. Sartharion 10 was our first target and he went down pretty quickly.

After the death of Sartharion the focus shifted to Naxxramas. Also to note, after Vesper I had sworn to myself that I wouldn’t become an officer again, but yet again, I found myself promoted. Having ran Naxx a few times during TBC it was decided that I should be the raid leader for it. Due to the number of people we had in this guild we had to stick to Naxx 10 most of the time, with only the 25 man raid appearing once a week, if lucky.

I always remember the most unbelievable of arguments I had with a warrior one week. He had decided to mouth off at the guild both in an application to another guild and in guild chat. When I asked him why the bad attitude, his response was that he thought it was rubbish (not his wording), how I pick the same 10 people everyday and that I should rotate. To this I pointed out to him that in the previous 3 nights, I had used 28 different players, not users with alts, but individual players. He had no reply to this and left the guild.

Clearing Naxxramas wasn’t too much of a problem and shortly before the release of Ulduar, I decided it was time to take a break. I had announced this and logged off. My break last a month, in such time I got hooked on Civilization IV (on Civ games, how much of my life have I wasted on you!). After the month I logged back onto the game and started playing again. The new raid leader informed me that she had established raid groups so I’ll struggle to get a raid for the time being. I thought “well that is fair enough, I’m the one who went AWOL” and I watched from the sidelines as the first team progressed through Ulduar, quite happy with the decision I made and the fact that I thought I had handed over the Raid Leadership to someone who wasn’t afraid of the responsibility.

The guild seemed quite happy, quite content. There was the usual people who want to cause drama. It was mainly those who wanted to raid purely for the epics who kicked up the most fuss whenever they didn’t get selected, but on the whole the guild had quite a nice atmosphere. The era of Ulduar came and went and then ToC appeared. In my opinion this was the most unimaginative raid instance ever devised by Blizzard. It consisted of two rooms, with a recycled boss at the end. He might have had new talents, new abilities, but it was still the same boss in name. With ToC came this expansion edition of Guild drama.

The guild leader who was become increasingly absent, only appearing once a week at best, once a month at worst, decided to change the structure of the guild and invite/promote some people. This created a huge rift and a group of officer had a massive row with the guild leader. A one night thing I thought, wrong. The next night both sides went at it again, and the next night they went at it again. Tired of drama in wow, I told them I had enough of them fighting like children and I left.

So yet again I found myself guildless, and AFK’ing on Orgrimmar bank, my interest in wow waning, when the guild master of Clarity (a 25 man raiding guild) approached me with an officer to join them. I agreed and proceeded to progress through the ToC and then the first 4 bosses in Icecrown Citadel. Despite this, I wasn’t that interested. The game wasn’t grabbing me, my character wasn’t grabbing me like it normally word, so I decided to do something drastic.

I hit the World of Warcraft Europe recruitment forum and was looking through when I spotted a post from a guild on Arathor EU. They described themselves as a social-raiding guild that had been around since 2005 on the alliance side. Now this attracted me for two reasons. 1) They were on alliance side, and after 5 years of WoW I thought a change in faction might be what i needed and 2) They were a social-raiding guild that had managed to have survived for 5 years. This suggested to me that the guild was stable so I took a chance. I went onto their forum and applied.

A few hours later I got a reply saying that they would like me in the guild but not as a raider as they are overpopulated with mages. I told them that would be fine and I was accepted. That night I transferred Guillin to Arathor and faction changed him to Alliance. When I logged onto the server for the first time the first thing that hit me was just how populated the server was compared to my old home of Darkspear. I whispered one of the officer and joined Order of the Silver Dawn. I was again amazed at the population. I went from a guild that had between 5-20 people online at peak time to a guild that had 40-50 people online. I thought as a social member this guild has a population to actually make that rank work. Later that night I got a whisper asking if i would help them our with their attempts to kill the Lich King. I agreed and was summoned to ICC. Having only done the first 4 bosses in ICC and not expecting to raid I wasn’t prepared, but the officers calmly explained the tactics and we set about fighting him. Half way through the raid I was promoted to “Raid Member”. I whispered the officer who promoted me asking him what happened. His reply was “we can see your dps, we can see you can move. It would be stupid for us to have you sitting as a social rank”.

Recommend all Warcraft fans to read.

We finally killed Arthas, huge cheers went up in Vent when he killed us all at 10% health, knowing that we were going to be mass resurrected by King Menethil and finish the job. The loot was all melee rubbish, but never the less, the Lich King was dead. This to me was kinda sad. Arthas is one of those “likable” enemies. And if you’ve read Arthas: Rise of the Lich King you will probably feel slightly sorry for him.

From there on in my interest in World of Warcraft shot through the roof. Achievements, battleground, heroics, raiding, everything was interesting again, everything was fun. The auction house was lively so was able to always sell stuff on there. It was great. Well .. until Cataclysm hit.

This is the last of the History of Guillin posts. The comment about “until Cataclysm hit” is well documented in a previous blog of mine … “The Great Cataclysm Disconnection“. I still play World of Warcraft but not to the extent I once did, and while still being a raiding member rank in Order of the Silver Dawn, I no longer feel the urge to raid as for me, I do believe that Blizzard got most things wrong then right. Thank you for reading the History of Guillin.


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