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Round the Blogosphere in 7 days

Today is the first of what will become a weekly post, where I bring a round up of blogs from the MMO world. This week it’ll be just from World of Warcraft, but if you have a blog from any MMO then please let me know so I can add it in the future.

Dwarven Battle Medic – Day Fifteen: Art, Inspiration and a Desktop BackgroundFannon continues his 20 questions in 20 days series.

Girls Gone WoW – Day 9 – Which race/class combination are you most like in RL?Lumineus , well the title speaks for itself on this one.

Live Like A Nerd – A Game of PuppiesKadomi writes about the new “Game of Thrones” TV show that has just started in the United States.

Muradin Musings – Janyaa … Shadowraven?Janyaa discusses her good fortune in finding a new guild.

The Stories Of O – L2Holy: GlyphsOestrus writes about the glyphs that are available for holy priests  and when they are best suited to be used

World of Matticus – Matticast Episode 15Matticus and co, use this podcast to discuss “Combat Logs, Healing Meters, and Throwing In The Towel”


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