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My Dr Who Scenerio Based on Current Series

I did have a rant lined up for tonight but this jumped in my head so had to pounce on it. Please note this isn’t the proper storyline to the current series, it’s just my imagination.

What Do We Know?
River ends up in jail sometime but we don’t know why
Amy is pregnant
Amy can’t remember her parents
Somebody dies this series.

My Mindjob Idea

In the first episode of the 2011 series, the mysterious River Song reveals that the Doctor first made contact with her when she was a child. We also know that she fears the pursuit of the Timelord will eventually kill her.

Now suppose that the girl in the spacesuit is in fact River Song. She knows what is about to happen but is keeping quiet to maintain the timeline. What if in the end the child River kills the older River and Amy, but then breaks out of whatever is manipulating her, thanks to the Doctor. This doesn’t however save her from jail.

Amy like I said also dies, but not before she gives birth to a little girl. Whilst dying Amy drops the bombshell “She is me, when the age is right, you must take me back”. This could explain why Amy can’t remember her parents. Could herself and Rory actually be her parents? When the child is old enough the Tardis wipes her current memory, filling it with new memories and they send her back, just hours before the newly regenerated Doctor (from Tennant to Smith) crashes in her back garden, thus preserving the timeline.

This will more than likely NOT be the storyline, but hey! I had fun imagining it. Still doesn’t explain who the new strange beings are and why the Doctor marries River.. ah well.


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