The "Wise" Words of a Self Confessed Geek!

So I Plan to Blog Everyday .. Last update? April 26th

So my plan of blogging everyday kinda fell by the wayside very quickly. There were a number of reasons for this…

1) My disillusionment with World of Warcraft reached new levels with the failure that was 4.1. However, due to my forced time off wow (number 2), I want to start completely afresh when I can. This will be detailed more when I get there

2) June 1st I had surgery. Was only minor but the recovery period is long and being stuck in bed doesn’t really give you much material to blog with.

There are other reasons including the most important one to me, but I want to get back to blogging. I don’t know how often I will be blogging and I know it won’t be every day but I do intend on getting back into it.

This is only a very quick blog today and hopefully one that gets the ball rolling with me again. Thank you for those 5 minutes that you’ll never get back 🙂


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