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Goodbye Guillin’s Ramblings

When I first started this blog a few months ago it was with very good intentions, I realised that I could write decent posts (I know that might sound arrogant but you have to understand that I have low confidence in my own ability.)

The only problem was that I made it too wow centric and I tried to keep a posting tempo that was too much to maintain in the medium to long term.

So what have I decided to do? I’ve decided to cease attempting to make this blog work and instead truly make a general blog for me. I have no doubt that there will still be some wow posts but I won’t be forcing those blogs out of me. As with anything else in this new blog I will write about what I feel I need to write about, when I wanto to write about it. It’ll be more personal, be more generic, but most importantly it’ll be me.

I will set up and start the tomorrow. Thanks for the brief interest in this one 🙂

Guillin’s Ramblings signing out.


So I Plan to Blog Everyday .. Last update? April 26th

So my plan of blogging everyday kinda fell by the wayside very quickly. There were a number of reasons for this…

1) My disillusionment with World of Warcraft reached new levels with the failure that was 4.1. However, due to my forced time off wow (number 2), I want to start completely afresh when I can. This will be detailed more when I get there

2) June 1st I had surgery. Was only minor but the recovery period is long and being stuck in bed doesn’t really give you much material to blog with.

There are other reasons including the most important one to me, but I want to get back to blogging. I don’t know how often I will be blogging and I know it won’t be every day but I do intend on getting back into it.

This is only a very quick blog today and hopefully one that gets the ball rolling with me again. Thank you for those 5 minutes that you’ll never get back 🙂

My Dr Who Scenerio Based on Current Series

I did have a rant lined up for tonight but this jumped in my head so had to pounce on it. Please note this isn’t the proper storyline to the current series, it’s just my imagination.

What Do We Know?
River ends up in jail sometime but we don’t know why
Amy is pregnant
Amy can’t remember her parents
Somebody dies this series.

My Mindjob Idea

In the first episode of the 2011 series, the mysterious River Song reveals that the Doctor first made contact with her when she was a child. We also know that she fears the pursuit of the Timelord will eventually kill her.

Now suppose that the girl in the spacesuit is in fact River Song. She knows what is about to happen but is keeping quiet to maintain the timeline. What if in the end the child River kills the older River and Amy, but then breaks out of whatever is manipulating her, thanks to the Doctor. This doesn’t however save her from jail.

Amy like I said also dies, but not before she gives birth to a little girl. Whilst dying Amy drops the bombshell “She is me, when the age is right, you must take me back”. This could explain why Amy can’t remember her parents. Could herself and Rory actually be her parents? When the child is old enough the Tardis wipes her current memory, filling it with new memories and they send her back, just hours before the newly regenerated Doctor (from Tennant to Smith) crashes in her back garden, thus preserving the timeline.

This will more than likely NOT be the storyline, but hey! I had fun imagining it. Still doesn’t explain who the new strange beings are and why the Doctor marries River.. ah well.

The Democratic Nations SHOULD Support the Arab Revolutions

Most of the world have been transfixed by the unfolding events in the Arab world. Today I discuss why I think the Western world should support those who want fundamental freedoms

So since December 2010 North Africa and the Middle East have seen unprecedented protests. 2 dictators have already fell (Tunisia & Egypt), with 1 on the brink (Yemen), and one which has brought on the wrath of the international community (Libya, more on them later). The uprisings are still spreading across that part of the world. A world where the population used to be afraid of the state services, are now standing tall and saying “no, enough!” “We want freedoms, we want a say in our country!”

My opinion is that our governments in the west (I’m British), should support these revolutions regardless of whether or not the current dictator is a friend of the west or not. At the end of the day, the general population of any country should have a RIGHT to decide who leads their country, and should be ALLOWED to express their opinion whether or not that’s the opinion of their government or not.

I hear arguments saying “well if that happens then maybe someone will get elected who is anti-west”, and to that I say “So what?”. If that’s who that population votes in then that is who we have to deal with. It should be their choice who is in charge and not open to foreign influences (whether that is from the west, or closer to home). As long as the public has an option to vote them out of office 4-5 years later, and those elections are fair and free then we have absolutely no right to interfere. Obviously one of the big arguments is oil. If an anti-west government took over some of the major oil nations then there is a fear that they might rise the prices. Whilst this would be painful for us, you have to put it into context. To what price do you place freedom? To what price do you place Democracy? For people to choose the direction their country heads, and to make amends if the previous decision didn’t work out (voting out a government).

I have followed the revolutions closely since the Jan 28th (knew about the Tunisia uprising but was only on this day when i started to very closely watch the situation in the Arab world. I would just like to make a few things known about the situation in Libya.

Didn’t Start As An Armed Revolution
One Tweet I saw a few days ago said “Gaddafi has a right to use military might during this. It’s an armed rebellion.” The revolution in Libya started with purely peaceful protests. Tobruk, Benghazi and others peacefully marched, and chanted. Gaddafi than responding by not just using the state police (like in Egypt), but using the full might of the army in all three formats (land, air and sea), to bombard these protests. These were peaceful protests that were being shot and bombed BY THEIR OWN LEADER. Of course they armed themselves, it was either be armed and have a chance of living, or stay 100% peaceful and be slaughtered.

The airstrikes are needless Western aggression
This is also a load of rubbish in my opinion. In the face of thousands of civilians being killed, cities who have had their phone lines, internet, water and electricity cut, the international community had a moral obligation to respond. Benghazi was probably 24/48 hours away from being destroyed, a city with a population of 700,000 would’ve lost at least half the population. It wouldn’t have been through fleeing, it would’ve been through a massacre. We had no choice but go in and defend these people.

I’ve seen some people in the US, even senators say that they shouldn’t get involved as the US has no interest in Libya. Er … so just because there’s nothing to financially gain from the situation does not mean you shouldn’t get involved. I don’t understand how some people/nations (looking at you Germany), can just stand idly by and say “you know what, it’s not affecting us so why should i/we care?”

At the end of the day whether it is here in the UK, in the US, Australia, France, Egypt, Libya or Syria. Every human deserves their say. Every human deserves their rights to freedom, to be able to decide who leads them, without the fear of being tortured, kidnapped or killed. In these situations, financial interests and political interests shouldn’t matter, what should matter is the basic human interest.

The Future of Guillin’s Ramblings

It’s been two weeks since I started to write this blog, so I thought I would discuss what I would like to do in the future.

I must say when I started this two weeks ago, I was expecting to do what I always seem to do when I have an idea. I’d do it for 2-3 days then think “ah sod it”, but I must admit after 14 posts, I’m quite enjoying it. It’s quite easy to start writing and get lost in the flow. I’m still a novice, but I’m hoping over time that my writing will improve over time.

Now while this blog will appear to have a World of Warcraft centrist feel, it is in a fact a blog to cover anything that I’m interesting in at that moment in time, so aswell as WoW you will find occasional blogs about anything from other games, to tv shows, to films and even current events.

Tonight I will take a break from the regular posts and write a short post about what I’m thinking about including into this blog as I go along…

Already Implemented

 Well I’ve established daily posts on the blog, including the first 3 sections of the History of Guillin and have inserted some major achievements from Order of the Silver Dawn. Whilst this site will not be used as a promotional vehicle for OSD, it is the guild I’m in, so from time to time there will be points of interest inserted.

In The Pipeline

  • Round the Blogosphere in 7 DaysA weekly roundup from various blogs. A brief summary with a link to the fantastic writings on the interweb.
  • Q to the Blog (Guild Master Edition)Where I ask a guild master a small set of questions about their guild (nothing too pressing, just light reading).

Further In The Pipeline

  • Q to the Blog (MMO Player Edition) Where I ask a MMO player about their gaming interests.
  • Q to the Blog (Blogger Edition) – Where I ask a writer about their blog.
  • Focus on Art Have a new drawing/comic? I’ll be happy to post your latest piece and direct to your site.
  • Guild Promotion – Thinking about maybe, once a week , doing a tiny piece about a guild from any of the MMO’s (doesn’t have to be World of Warcraft)

Far in the Future

  • Own Website – With my knowledge of website designing basically … well … rubbish, it’ll take some time, but what I would like to do eventually is move this blog to its own dedicated website.

Well these are the sort of things I would like to implement on this blog, I want to do more than just write posts and hoping the topics mentioned above will add a bit of variety. Considering I have a full-time job, am I over-reaching? Time will tell, but at the moment I’m excited to give myself this challenge, it’s a great opportunity.

Tomorrow “The History of Guillin” will be returning tomorrow. 61-70 levelling and 70 raiding. The pinnacle of WoW in my opinion.

Hello? Anyone there? Oh yes! Hai!

Well ladies, gentlemen and other strange beings. Welcome to my blog. What you’ll find here is a mix of anything that shows my interest at any one time. I’m mainly a gamer. Caught between World of Warcraft and Rift (mainly Warcraft though at this time of writing), however I will drift to other topics from time to time. I hope people will find this interesting, but this is going to be my first stab at “proper” blogging (have had a dabble in the past but like 1 post every few months to a year).

You might find the theme/layout change from time to time as I try to find something that looks right to me.

Well my online name is Guillin (can find me on Twitter @Guillin), and let’s see what i can come up with. I’m quite excited to attempt this so let’s see what happens.