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Q to the Blog

Q to the Blog (Guild Edition)

In the first of the series, I ask a guild leader about their guild and their own experience inside the guild. Today I start with a guild close to home for me. Order of the Silver Dawn on Arathor EU.

Hello there, well it’s Easter Sunday but I’ve managed to drag, Atrius away from his easter dinner/chocolate or whatever strange being he was munching on. Atrius is the guild leader of Order of the Silver Dawn, a guild on the World of Warcraft Europe PvE server, Arathor.

Quick Introduction

1) What is your in game name?


2) What class/spec do you play?

Priest, Discipline MS, Shadow OS

3) And how long have you been playing?

Since day one, played the beta before it came out properly, things have changed a lot since then.

About the Guild

1) How long has the guild been running for?

Wow, think it’s something like 5 yrs now, we try and do and fun event on the guilds birthday, last year we had a lvl 1 gnome race from Exodar to the Gurubashi Arena in STV…that was very amusing

2) What sort of guild is it?

We have always been a social guild, one where we place having fun with friends as our highest priority, over the past few years we have taken up raiding and a more serious aspect, but we try to retain our social side, however difficult this may be at times.

3) What is the guild’s current progression?

Well we have recently killed Cho’gall in BoT 10 man and are doing fairly well in most of the raids, well over half way through most.

4) What are the main challenges in keeping a guild like this operational?

The balance between social and raiding, as raiding requires a slightly different mindset so things tend to clash a bit, trying to progress through raids and keep members that want to progress whilst having fun and keeping the members that enjoy the social environment our guild offers, it’s hard, but definitely worth it!

5) What is your guilds greatest achievement?

I suppose that depends on who you ask, for me personally it’s either killing Keal’thas in TK or killing Yogg’Saron in Ulduar, both fights were very complex and required 100% from all those involved, these kills were instrumental in showing Arathor that the social/raiding guild could work.

6) As guild leader, what is the biggest decision you’ve ever had to make?

Luckily there’s not been many big memorable decisions that have all rested on 1 persons shoulders (another thing OSD has, 3 GM’s) and because of this most decisions have been group ones, setting up DKP, changing the DKP system, setting up guild guidelines etc.

7) Are there any decisions that were taken that you look back on and regret?

Not really, the only thing that is regrettable is that I am unable to give the guild as much attention as I did at the start due to the fact that I’ve left uni and started living in the real world he he and therefore have other things asking for my time, but that is where having more than one person in charge really shines as I know the guild is in good hands whilst I am away.

8) Is there anything you’d like to see Blizzard implement to help in managing a guild?

I think having more guild ranks would be beneficial but saying that I think that since Cataclysm has come out the updates to guild control have been very useful, so I’m fairly certain that it will only be a matter of time before everything you want will be included.

9) For other guild leaders what advice would you give for maintaining a guild like this?

Have an open mind, keep you cool, listen to all sides of the story and seek advice from people you trust even if they disagree with what you would do, as it is still a valid point. Try to please everyone, but know that this will never fully happen and accept it. Also give members that you trust more responsibility if they want it, as this will spread the ‘load’ and make running the guild easier, but make sure any major changes go through you, keep a structure in place and let everything else grow around it, it’s like a garden, you don’t have to rigidly oversee every single aspect of it all, just set boundaries, rules/guidelines and then sit back and watch it grow 😀

Thank you for your time Atrius.

This was the first in what I hope will be a series of these. If you are a guild leader from any MMO, and are interesting in answering these questions, please feel free to get in touch and we will see what we can get sorted!