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Don’t say anything – FA might punish you

In the last week the Football Association of England has charged Wayne Rooney and Carlton Cole. These two decisions have split opinion down the middle. Here I give mine.

Wayne Rooney

Let’s just paint a picture, your side is 2-0 down, you then score a hat trick with brings your team into the lead. As you celebrate you get caught up in the heat of the moment and swear twice at the camera, knowing you shouldn’t have done it you apologize and then get hit with a two match ban.

This is what has happened to Wayne Rooney. After saying the “F” word twice at the camera after scoring a hat trick the mindless people at the football association (this is the same people who gave Capello a new contract just before the world cup), decided to hit him with a two match ban. A two match ban for getting caught in the moment. It’s nothing short of utterly pathetic.

You’ll hear some people say “oh well, my child heard that and they shouldn’t be hearing that word”. I hate to break it to you, but your child probably hears worse than that in the first 5 minutes of school. Should Rooney had said it? No. Should he had been told off for it? Yes. Should he had been banned? Not on your life.

Carlton Cole

It’s 29th March 2011, and England are playing Ghana at Wembley in a friendly. 21,000 Ghanaians are cheering on their nation. When one Twitter Mr. Cole tweets ..

“Immigration has surrounded the Wembley premises! I knew it was a trap! Hahaha”

A harmless joke you would think. Well as always with any sense of humour some people took offence, and the idiots at the Football Associate have now charged him for it. At the time of me posting this blog, he hadn’t been punished yet.

If people can’t get caught up in the moment, or have some friendly banter, then what’s the point? The FA have shown themselves to be utter clowns with these two decisions. The only comfort for them should be that by the time they get back to their nursing homes, the nurses should already have their liquified food on the table and Countdown on TV.