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The History of Guillin – Part III

Yesterday, we chronicled Guillin’s rise from a beginner level 1 mage, to a well, beginner level 60 mage. Today I look back at his life as a level 60, as he gets his first taste of raiding.

After dinging 60 in Silithus, I ported myself to Orgrimmar to learn whatever new talents needed to be learnt. I think I spent the next day or two in Orgrimmar I was hit with the thing everyone gets hit with when they first reach max level “Ok, now what?” I took a look at the guild I was in Serenity, and with the closest player to me being in the high 40’s I realised I had to make a hard decision. TBC is only 2.5 months away, I’m going to have to leave. With that I made my goodbye post on the forums and I quit the guild. Shortly after I was approached by an up and coming guild who had just started the UBRS grind to get people attuned for Molten Core. Eager at the opportunity I joined them and for the first week it all went according to plan, the guild seemed ambitious, not too hostile so I thought “yeah this will be a great guild to be in”, however it all turned sour shortly after. After spending a whole day from early morning to late evening doing multiple runs in UBRS I decided I needed a break from it. So for a laugh myself and a fellow undead priest, went to Goldshire, not to cause havoc, but just to dance. Whilst there we were met by the presence of two guilds Force Majeur and Fate, and with no intention of fighting each other we all joined in the fun. It was to be the start of a communicationless friendship with those two guilds, with them being on the opposite faction. Every so often they’d come to Orgrimmar and every so often we’d travel to Ironforge. Both protected by the other faction. Any I digress. Whilst taking this break in Goldshire I had a whisper from one of the officer.

“We need you to come to UBRS right now!”

“I’ve been there for the last 10-12 hours, I’m sorry but I need a break from the place”

“You don’t understand, I’m telling you to come”

“I’m sorry but no”

5 minutes after this brief conversation, I found myself guildless. Apparently I wasn’t prepared to help the guild out, to pull my weight.  Once again I found myself guildless, well for 20 minutes at least. Whilst idling on top of Orgrimmar’s bank I received a whisper from a level 60 mage in Diesel. I listened to his proposal, explained that i’m a complete rookie at this level, and his reply was “that’s fine, we’d still like to see how you’d do in our Molten Core team”, and with that I was a member of Diesel. It was to be an amazing time for me.

As a guild with an amazing atmosphere, ability to take constructive criticism and the will to carry on fighting after wipes, we progressed through Onyxia, Zul’gurub and Molten Core. Unfortunately with TBC breathing down our necks we didn’t have enough time to progress into Blackwing Lair and of course Naxxramas.

Somebody order a … wait what? Paladin loot?

At the end of vanillia wow, Patch 2.0 hit. This allowed paladin loot to drop on horde side and shaman loot to drop on alliance side. This was the first time this happened to me (the two classes were still faction specific)

It wasn’t without its gripes for me. The main one was of Diesel’s doing but more of Blizzard’s doing. If I say I was and still am a fire mage at heart that should give you some idea. With a lot of bosses inside Molten Core having heavy fire resists or even being fire immune, I had no choice but to spec frost. It wasn’t a bad spec, but it wasn’t me. I liked to watch things burn under my ignite, not watch things catch a cold and die. Nevertheless, I wanted to help the guild and to see the content, so I reluctantly switched to a Frost spec, obviously dipping into Arcane for Evocation (yes in vanilla wow you had to spec for it).

It wasn’t without its controversy either, but compared to other guilds this one wouldn’t had appeared on their radar. It was after killing Hakkar in Zul’gurub, the Heart of Hakkar dropped. It was a quest that when handed in would give you an awesome trinket. It was generally considered that the trinket was better for casters then for melee, yet the officer in charge at the time gave it to a protection warrior. Well, the brown smelly stuff (think gnomes but cleaner), hit the fan. They was a lot of bad feeling about it for the rest of that night, but thankfully the closeness of the guild pulled Diesel through.

Funniest moment? Oh that’s easy. Whilst raiding Onyxia, we had just pulled and the tank just stood there, not doing anything, not sundering or even attacking. Of course we wiped. After the wipe the raid leader asked “er Hack (tanks name), what are you doing?” To which the answer was “oh sorry I was watching Coronation Street”. Well, the raid just burst out laughing in vent.

The other moment that springs to mind is that a rogue of ours ran into a boss saying “Leeeeeroy Jenkins”, now this really pissed the raid off but it was soon laughing again when through vent, as the bosses hit the rogue you heard “shiiiiit I forgot to stealth!”.

There’s a lot of debate about which raid era was better. For raiding I think TBC nailed it on the head, but for the community, for the atmosphere, I’d say vanilla wow was the best. 40 people on vent, raiding together was fantastic. I don’t think for that factor it’ll never be beat.

When not raiding I was always in battlegrounds, normally Alterac Valley. For those who weren’t around in vanilla wow, think of the most epic fight you’ve had in a battleground and multiply by a 1000. Alterac Valley was epic. On some occasions it wasn’t unheard of to log off one night to go to sleep, and log in the next morning joining the exact same battle you left. As a horde the key was to get the Ice giant moving. Summon him and it was possible to push the alliance from the centre of the valley up to the Stormpike graveyard. It was also possible for the alliance to summon their druids (I think), which could do the exact opposite to the horde. But my oh my, those battles were fantastic!

Unfortunately with TBC fast approaching (t-minus 1 week and counting), a splinter appeared in the guild. Half the guild wanted to go and try Ahn’Qiraj whilst the other half didn’t see any point due to the gear reset. I myself was in the half who wanted to go. Who cares if gear reset, the game is about experiences and shouldn’t be about “phat loot”. Unfortunately this caused a heated debate in guild chat and with some members announcing they were transferring servers, the guild died days before the expansion hit.

The 60-70 journey I decided to do guildless, not much happened during that period so I will incorporate that into the Level 70 post. Needless to say level 70 raiding and guild relations have given me my best and toughest moments in World of Warcraft.